by Rabbit Snare

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Home recordings done in a day in a bedroom with two dogfrogs sitting next to me, no big whoop. Recording on some old tapes so it sounds a little funky, also you can hear that sweet, sweet A/C unit.


released July 8, 2016

All things by Raybear.



all rights reserved


Rabbit Snare Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: Let's Just Be Friends
Early morning, it’s easy to be here
Under marquee moon, my head is full of clouds
Like an old joke you never understood
I’ve heard the lines over and over
The delivery’s the same, the logic hazy and gray
Between me and the bedsheets, drunk asleep

Backdoor to a public display
I left you there
Sitting down on the curb of a sidewalk
Early morning air
I should have stayed on a narrow decline
Led myself to our room
My hands around the steering wheel
AM radio hums but I can’t hear

It’s all the same, as I begin to drown
My heads a weight, an anchor digging the ground
I lost myself, in a bottle’s mouth
One foot in front of the other, if you please
But I’ve got nothing to say

“2AM, I’m okay,
Will you come see what I’ve done?
Made a mess of a good thing going
That hornets nest looked boring
Maybe this is a blessing,
And everything is as it should be
A painting of normal release
Empty barstools and slurring speech.”
Track Name: Crosses
There’s nothing here in this house
The living room breathing out in a daze
In the night, there’s a lamp post, over foggy ghosts

But you can’t complain
The empty space, it gives you a way
To draw out the sign, the figure 8’s and complex entries

The misty mountain divides
And cluttered ocean tides
The burning bridges of ancient language
That shapes your purview

Spinning out of the way
-folded up-
Crumbled notecards and scribbled faultlines
now decayed and left you
Another part-time breakthrough

The misty mountain divides
And cluttered ocean tides
The crumbled crosses and ancient language
That paints your worldview

Your body finally decays
Cacophony of holy bells
As you fade away
“I followed you every day,
Trying to piece together
this forgotten instinct.”
Back in time to display
a basic apathy to the
words that you can’t seem to say
“Nothing stays the same.”